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Aortic diseases panels
Aortic, Vascular, and Connective Tissue Disorders Panel [64 genes]:
Marfan / TAAD / Loeys-Dietz / Ehlers-Danlos / Shprintzen-Goldberg
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Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes panel [35 genes]see panelDownload formDownload informed consent
Other techniques

Steps to follow

How to order

Download & fill out
Please cover as many fields as possible in both documents

Sample collection
Three sample types: saliva, peripheral blood or genomic DNA

Pack the sample
Please pack the sample in a way to prevent leakage

Send the sample & the request
Please schedule the delivery for Mon–Thur: 8am – 5pm

Edificio O Fortín, As Xubias s/n. C.P.15006. A Coruña. Spain

Result: the report
Via Client Site / Certified email

Peripheral blood
(3 to 5 ml in EDTA tubes)

Genomic DNA
NGS > 5-10µg | SANGER > 1µg (A260/280 = 1.8-1.9)

Order our kit

(*) For delivery in over 48 h, controlled-temperature shipment (4-8 ºC) is recommended

SAMPLE PACKAGING: The sample collection tube must be placed inside a secondary package of the appropriate size for the number of samples shipped. Sufficient absorbent material should be included to absorb all the contents of the primary recipient in case of leakage.
Both containers will preferably be placed inside a rigid box for blood and tissue samples.

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